Which child is not fascinated by dinosaurs? The idea that these giant creatures have been walking around here is almost beyond imagination. Children can, however, make a great impression of this.


Millions of years ago dinosaurs lived in this world. The living proof of this are their descendants; the reptiles. They come in many shapes and sizes. The representatives of this (still) living group are turtles, snakes, lizards and crocodiles. And let’s not forget the dragon. The dragon is a mythical animal with the appearance of a snake, or a reptile-like animal with wings.

‘Luxury’ brands

It is therefore not surprising that these animals have an enormous attraction on children. And unfortunately, not only on children. These animals are caught or bred and killed in the most horrible ways before being exported to Europe and used by ‘luxury’ brands. We see these reptile skins in bags, belts and / or shoes.

Bear & Mees challenges children in a playful way to be aware of the world in which they grow up. The essence of good shoes is not the use of leather. Shoes can be made from so many other materials.

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