How we can help?


What is the delivery time of the shoes of Bear & Mees?

Goods will be dispatched on regular working days. Order before 18.00 on a week day, next day delivery. Delivery times may take a little longer during public holidays.

For shipments outside the Netherlands, please check below question. “What are the shipping costs of my B&M order.”

Can I track and trace my order of Bear & Mees?

Once your order is shipped, you will receive, via email, a shipping confirmation that contains tracking information.

If you’re not there when the package arrives, the carrier will leave a note on how to pick up your order or rearrange delivery.

What are the shipping costs of my Bear & Mees order?

The Netherlands & Belgium
1 working day (when ordered before 18h CET during weekdays)
Shipping costs: €2,95
Free shipping when ordering above €100

2 working days
Shipping costs: €4,95

Remaining European Union Countries (EU)
3-5 working days
Shipping costs: €7,95

Non-European Union Countries
5-7 working days
Shipping costs: €12,95

You can always contact us at


What is the return & exchange policy of Bear & Mees?

Doesn’t the product(s) meet your expectation? Too bad, but always happy to help. It is possible to return your order. You can choose between two return-options.

1. Exchange your Bear & Mees product for another product (size/color/style)
2. Return a Bear & Mees product and receive a refund for your returned product


If you want to return your product, please follow the following steps:

  1. Please complete the return form included as a print-out in your order (or download returnformand enclose this form in your return package.
  2. Please indicate in the return form which product(s) you would like to receive in exchange.
  3. To be eligible for a return or exchange, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. We will not refund or exchange any product that has been damaged (not due to our error) or worn.
  4. Send the return package to the return address in the return form. We recommend you to send your return package including a track & trace code. We cannot refund lost packages when your return is sent without a track & trace number.
  5. On the day that we receive your returned product(s), we ship out the product(s) you want in exchange to the delivery address indicated in your initial order.
  6. The costs for returning the product(s) you ordered are for your own account.
  7. The costs for shipping the product(s) you want in exchange are covered by us (within the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany).

Return & refund

If you want to return your product and get a refund, please follow the following steps:

  1. Please indicate in the return form that you would like a refund
  2. Please note the following:
    1. We accept returned product(s) within 14 days of the order date
    2. The costs for returning the product(s) you ordered are for your own account
    3. Shipping costs in the original order are not credited
  3. We will reimburse the amount within 5 working days from the day we receive your return (via the original payment method)
  4. Questions? Please contact us via Always happy to help

Officially we offer 14 days to consider your purchase after buying, but don’t take that too seriously. If you’re not happy after all. You can always contact us:


What kind of materials are used for the shoes of Bear & Mees?

Organic Cotton

All uppers of the shoes are made of organic cotton. From harvesting the raw material through manufacturing, it is processed by both respecting the environment as the social responsibility.

Did you know that cotton cultivation represents only 2.4% of the agricultural area, but that it uses nearly ¼ of the pesticides sold in the world? Pesticides and chemical fertilizers are replaced by natural compost, and this cotton requires half as much water as traditional cotton. The end-result is cotton that is softer, more flexible, and way kinder to the planet.

Recycled PET-Bottles

The uppers of the shoes with the ‘ocean’ theme are made of recycled PET-bottles. PET is polyethylene terephthalate. A very difficult word, we cannot pronounce either 😉 This material is often used for food packaging or plastic bottles. There’s more than 6 billion metric tons of plastic waste in the world, according to a 2017 article published by National Geographic.

Once the plastic has been gathered, the process of turning it into long strands of yarn can begin. The plastic is heated into chips, then reduced to form small pellets, which are then extruded through machines to become really long, easy fibers that become soft but also very durable.

FSC Shoeboxes

The shoebox of Bear & Mees comes from a properly managed forest. The Forest Stewardship Counsil (FSC) makes sure the forest is being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem and benefits the lives of local people and workers, all while ensuring it sustains economically viablility. The FSC label is indicated on the bottom of the shoebox of Bear & Mees.

Where are the shoes of Bear & Mees manufactured?


The shoes of Bear & Mees are manufactured in Portugal, near Oporto. Municipalities like Guimaraes and Felgueiras are known for their high-quality factories in footwear. Each factory is specialized in a certain style in footwear. We have been working with these factories for more then 10 years. Thanks to this long-term relationship, we guarantee good quality and working conditions.


Portugal’s shoemakers have built a reputation for quality in an industry dominated by low-cost producers. Low-cost countries such as China and Bangladesh began marketing their products aggressively overseas, and Portugal could no longer compete. In addition, the Low-cost countries gained a negative reputation because of child labor, poor working conditions and worker exploitation. Luckily, the high-quality fashionable shoes with the “Made in Portugal” label made a comeback and sits at 17th place in overall world shoe production. The footwear produced in Portugal is the second most expensive in the world, with an average export price of 22 euros ($25). Only Italian shoes cost more, at 41 euros. The world average is just 8 euros.

Footwear Industry

Last year, some 82 million pairs of shoes were exported, bringing the country some 2 billion euros in revenue. The footwear industry, including suppliers, employs more than 45,000 people, and their factories are located almost exclusively in the north of the country. With all economic indicators pointing upwards, shoemaking is an important success story for the debt-laden country.

How can I clean the shoes of Bear & Mees?

There’s no better feeling than unboxing a new pair of shoes. But once they’re out of the box anything can happen to them, especially with kids. So how do you get/keep them clean?

4 tips

  1. Remove excess dirt by knocking the soles together and use a soft brush, like a toothbrush, to scrub off any remaining dirt.
  2. Use a washcloth to gently wipe away stains with a mild, eco-friendly laundry detergent mixed with warm water (mild detergent typically doesn’t cause yellow discoloration from toxins).
  3. Remove the insoles. Place the shoes in a pillowcase and run it through a washing machine set to cold / delicate with laundry detergent. As a bonus, washing the insoles separately, this can help eliminate bad odors.
  4. Help them keep their shape by stuffing your canvas shoes with paper towels or dry washcloths. Then let them air dry indoors in a warm spot. Note: Direct sunlight or direct heat will warp your shoes or discolor them.