B&M boot – Teddy White


The black caiman is a type of crocodile from the cayman family. They got their name because they are very dark in color to almost black. That color serves to camouflage visibility and to get warm more easily when they are in the sun. They are hard to see, but especially at night. They sleep with one eye open … So be aware!

  • Imitation leather, high quality, Eco-friendly, animal-free microfiber PU product
  • Warm lining made of 100% polyamide (non-static, retains its shape and transports sweat to the outside, where it subsequently evaporates.)
  • Easy zipper on the inside of the boot
  • Easy ‘pulling-loops’ on the inside of the boot
  • Removable insole

Fit is true to size. But please take thick lining and socks into account. You might want to round up the next size.