Chelsea Boot – Bambi


See you later alligator, after a while crocodile! These high-top sneakers are dangerously cool for the winter. Fully lined and easy to put on and off with the velcro straps made of imitation croco. This high-top sneaker is made from eco and animal-friendly PU material.

  • Upper is made of eco and animal-friendly PU material.
  • Protected nose prevents wear and tear
  • Lining is made of polyamide
  • Removable insole


Organic Blue Sneaker

At Bear & Mees we made some decisions to make life easy and fun.

  • How frustrating are laces? Both for parents and for children. All shoes are made with velcro. This will decrease early morning stress-level at all ages.
  • The nose of the shoe is often the soft spot. Playing football, climbing a tree or riding a bicycle. Quite normal stuff to do as a kid, right? The protected noses on the sneakers of Bear & Mees reduce this wear and tear.
  • Socks in summer? Preferably not! We have good news. There are no socks needed in these shoes because of the towelling lining.
  • Last but not least, we have the removable insoles.

Some other need to knows:

    • If you need extra support, you can add an extra sole easily.
    • Or it is easy to have a quick glance if the size is right. Just flip out the sole and place the foot of your child on it!
    • Additionally, these soles can be easily washed. See our Wash&Care tab for more information.